We offer customized cloud technology services comprising Epic on Azure, cloud migration, private and public cloud integration services and solutions, and managed I.T. services that accelerate any organization’s seamless transition to the cloud. And from our seasoned solution architects, devOps and software test engineers, programmers, and to the front/backend designers, we bring to you an array of tech talent that bridge the gap between the creative and digital worlds. At Chamco Digital, our cloud and managed I.T. solutions become a brand that others take inspiration from.

Our Core Services

on azure

We specialize in deploying Epic on Azure for healthcare institutions to enhance patient engagement, reduce investments in infrastructure, provide for agile, secure, and compliant environment, team collaboration, and clinical insights while reducing costs


We handle the complex process of data and application migration to the cloud, accelerating time to market, decreasing development costs, and enhancing performance with highly scalable, cloud-native hosted applications



Offload your cloud I.T. security tasks to us. We provide the technical expertise to ensure your organization runs smoothly. We also conduct market research, audit the I.T. infrastructure and recommend suitable solutions, and evaluate the investment appeal of I.T. projects and the risks of their implementation


By leveraging latest technologies and best practices, we help enterprises transform their legacy systems into modern, agile, and scalable applications that meet their evolving business needs


We also specialize in Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare & I.T. solutions of any complexity

Improve patient engagement, health team collaboration, and clinical insights

Optimize care while also improving patient safety and reducing costs

Online solutions architect, devOps, & developer certification training programs

Gamification of business processes

Connect people, data, and processes to accelerate innovation

Enable simple, secure collaboration and communication in a single hub

Accelerate diagnoses and improve surgical accuracy

Uncover data-driven insights that improve clinical decision-making with Power BI