The Dexen Telemetry Mobile application is a service that acts as an IoT gateway to collect information from Dexen wireless sensors and transfer this data to a cloud server.

Remote accounting of utility costs will save you from unnecessary worries and help you to save money. Saving time and peace of mind is what Dexen was created for.


We faced two tasks:
1. To provide the possibility of adding new sensors and new zones (when there are several meters for different devices in the house).
2. To enable users to save on energy costs.

All-in-one solution

We have proposed the following solution: android – application installed on the device, always located in the room (within the range of the counters). At certain intervals, the application collects data from the meters via Bluetooth and then transfers this data to the server. Thus, the end-user has the opportunity to see statistics in his personal account, being anywhere in the world

The solution to the first problem

To add new sensors in the application, just create the next pair via Bluetooth and select a location. To add a new location is still easier – the user specifies the name of the location, selects the icon from the predefined pack and assigns the sensor to the location. In the future, it is possible to reinstall the sensors in new locations and reassign them a zone in the application.

The solution to the second problem.

Implemented the introduction of tariffs in the relevant sections (water, electricity, gas). Thus, the application calculates the costs for the selected period of time. With the help of zoning, the user sees, where and overrun resources. Thus, the way to reduce costs becomes obvious.

Simplifying the control

The Dexen mobile application is an element of the “smart home” system, which is responsible for controlling and optimizing the use of natural resources – water, gas and electricity.

Achieved goals and KPI following the launch

  • The process of adding and editing sensors or locations is done in a synonymous manner and is implemented by the user in a matter of seconds.
  • Application users were able to reduce their energy costs by 10-30%, depending on the amount of energy loss.

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