Erachain platform is a multi-functional blockchain software and registry with the ability to store and verify personal data to simplify KYC and AML procedures, an internal exchange/market that has its own voting mechanism and a digital asset creation system. It features a wide range of built-in functions, a high transaction confirmation rate and a well-documented API.


Tasks set to us were to upgrade the design and expand the functionality of the site.
The main requirement of the Customer was to create an emotional and user-friendly design that would distinguish Erachain from similar sites and companies.


With the help of animated content, an unusual horizontal scroll, custom icons and illustrations, an impressive design was created that favorably distinguishes the company’s website from its analogues on the market.

As for the expansion of the site, for its new sections a full-screen menu was developed, integration with the existing information resources of the company was made, and new pages on the site were added.


We implemented a horizontal scroll, because the site is very mobile and filled with large visual elements – this solution has become the best from the UX design point of view.
Due to this, the site began to attract the attention of users.

Areas of implementation

Erachain will be an excellent companion in online trading, e-invoicing and payment services where no credit card is required.

Also in the development of games, logistics processes, in the financial sector and for industries such as energy and healthcare. Switching to the Erachain blockchain platform will allow you to control, automate and reduce costs, eliminate the possibility of information leakage from user accounts.


Road map fully displays the history of ideas and start of Erachain in stages. On the platform, users can see the immediate goals and development plan of the platform to always stay up to date with the expected changes.


In addition, indention between page elements were adjusted, some colors were updated, page layout was adapted, distances between columns and headings were changed, heading styles and many other small, mostly invisible, changes were improved.

Achieved goals and KPI following the launch

  • Global site updating taking into account the requirements of the Customer
  • Improving usability, processing the old site structure;
  • Dentification of audience segments, website usage scenarios, simplification of access to key information
  • Development of an adaptive version of the site