What should you do if the question of upgrading IT skills has come up on edge, and there is absolutely no time to study literature? ITProTV is a platform for online learning for IT specialists, which allows users to select videos and improve their knowledge at any time.

ITProTV – is a career development solution for an IT professional. It is an online learning platform for IT professionals. On this online platform, users choose training videos for themselves.


Initially, the main task was to create an application for the Android platform, but over time this task grew into something more – the development of a whole “IT” video hosting system for the Roku TV set-top box


It was decided to create diverse channels, while taking the preferences of users into account.
When we were putting forward and testing hypotheses, the idea to develop an application on Android platform with the ability to listen to useful lectures only came up. As for the process of creating a product for TV, after conducting User Research, an entire channel for the Roku TV set-top box was developed.


Since ITProTV is an experimental project, we decided to make its interface as simple and convenient as YouTube. This allowed us to make a high-speed application, and its implementation quite budgetary.

About monetization

We did not need to implement a monetization system, since it has already been implemented on the main customer service. Without subscribing to an account, paid content in the application is not available.
In this channel, we did not decide to introduce monetization, since it is already tied to the main ITProTV service. For the TV channel, we do not allow the user to pay content if he has not paid an account.


The ITProTV project is definitely a useful platform for improving the skill of IT specialists, as it gives the opportunity to gain new knowledge and to get expert opinion at any convenient time for the user on any gadget, whether it is a phone, tablet or TV.

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