The project was developed for a Los Angeles based startup, Loop Inc., a leading energy company in California. Its clients are industrial enterprises, trade organizations, as well as housing and utilities companies. They generates electricity and offers solutions for its economical use.


The company decided to open a new business line – EV Charger. An urgent need was the automation of the process of obtaining a subscription for the electric vehicle (EV) charging station use. Important for the customer was another point – tracking statistics of the product’s benefits and popularity.


We have created an application that simplifies the process of using car charging stations for the iOS and Android platform users. The LOOP functionality allows the user to purchase subscriptions and activate promotional codes for convenient use of EV charging stations closest to them.
An admin panel was also developed for operators and administrators, the main purpose of which was to manage user accounts, EV charging stations and view statistics. The admin panel allowed managing all users and collecting information about payments, as well as processing requests from users.

Personal account

In your personal account, everything is concise and simple. All user data and information about his vehicle is visible. The application offers to subscribe to the nearest station. Thus, the user is spared the routine of finding the nearest places to recharge the vehicle.
The target audience of the application is the owners of stations, operators and drivers of electric cars.


In order to introduce a new user to the product, we have developed a system of step-by-step instructions for operating the application. All screens are arranged in a logical order, allowing you to go all the way from registration to the moment you use the gas station.

Payment system

For the implementation of online payments, the STRIPE platform was chosen, the most modern and convenient platform of today.
Smart subscription management should appeal to users, because it is very clear and simple. If something happened, for example, a card is lost, then right in the application chat you can ask a question about its recovery. It is also very convenient to receive information about the use of the charging station – how it works, whether it is broken, and just ask general questions.

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