The project was created in cooperation with the Ministry of education of Micronesia, the purpose of which was to collect information on the state of educational institutions on the Islands, including academic performance and compliance with the necessary standards.

An equally important role is played by the POED (Pacific Open Education Data) application, with the help of which people will see the progress of education in all of the islands of Micronesia.


To Minimize the use of written questionnaires, which will significantly accelerate the routine work of the inspector, as well as employees of the statistics center, that manually fill in the database.


We have created an application that automates and simplifies the process of collecting the necessary information

Project killer features

Since the Internet does not work on all islands in Micronesia, it was decided not to use the mechanics of collecting information in a single online database.
We applied the method of ” beehive”:
Information about the state of educational institutions is collected by the inspector in the application for tablets (similar to how bees collect nectar).
The received information is synchronized with the statistics center archive when the Internet is connected (action when the bees return to the hive).

About the app

The Ministry of Education of Micronesia is working hard to improve the quality of public education. In addition to the main goal, another no less important goal was achieved – raising the reputation and level of confidence of Micronesia in the Ministry of Education. Thanks to the Dashboard app, people will see educational progress.

To summarize

The level of loyalty of the population in relation to the Ministry of Education and, as a result, the government of Micronesia has become 1 percentage point higher.
Have we solved the problem to the end?
Yes, we have solved the tasks that were set before us as a contractor. We have changed the way we collect information about schools, and changed the way we think about the current educational situation for the population. We have saved a whole department of the Ministry of Education of Micronesia from the hours-long routine.

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